A wonderful drop of Chianti. Pressed with his own hands. Wolfgang's dream.

Wolfgang is an entrepreneur: has achieved everything he set out to do. He now has time. His thoughts keep returning to the vineyard in Tuscany. Enjoying the pleasures of life and creating them with his own hands. That's what Wolfgang dreams about.

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Sebastian wants to be a deep-sea diver. Or treasure seeker. Or marine biologist.

What does the world cost? It stands open. Is huge, vast and beautiful. Dreams have no limits. Sailing the seas, in a submarine or on board a ship, diving to the floor of the ocean and back again with scientific curiosity. These are our children.

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Elisabeth was industrious. Has 5 children. 8 grandchildren. And assets.

Elisabeth worked all of her life. Was hard on herself. But she loves her children and her grandchildren. Idolises them. Without any compromises. Elisabeth has always been like this.

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