Asset Recovery 2015 Liechtenstein

Asset Recovery Liechtenstein 2015 touches many aspects of both Civil Law and Criminal Law in Liechtenstein and the recovery of assets with procedural measures. The publication gives an extensive overview on possible measures in cases of civil and criminal asset recovery being a main field of experience and practice of the author.

The material civil law offers vast possibilities to reclaim and recover lost or stolen assets and also damages e.g. by claims for compensation of damages, tort claims, claims for unjust enrichment, the surrender of property and subsequent enforcement. Further it offers several effective measures to secure existing claims and prevent further disposal of assets and further losses by means of injunction and other provisional measures. Further Liechtenstein offers legal assistance in civil matters also for securing of foreign claims.

The criminal law and criminal procedure law provides several rules on the freezing and seizure of assets in connection with a criminal offence as well as measures for forfeiture and confiscation proceeds of a crime in forfeiture and skim-off proceedings by the state and also to the benefit of a victim. Further Liechtenstein as a member of the European Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters and other multilateral conventions offers legal assistance to foreign countries in criminal asset recovery cases.

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Dr. Matthias Niedermüller


(published by Dr. Matthias Niedermüller, Schwärzler Attorneys at Law in Asset Recovery 2015, in 26 jurisdictions worldwide; “Getting the Deal through”, Law Business Research Ltd., 2015)

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