Media Information/ Schwärzler Attorney at Laws opening up in Zurich

Schwärzler Attorney at Law already took over the law office in August 2015 after the demise of the founder Dr. Daniel Fischer. Both law offices worked closely together in the last years. Fischer already arranged his successor during his lifetime. The existent team was taken over by the law firm Schwärzler Attorneys in order to ensure continuity. In the beginning of June the new premises in Tödistrasse 67 will be officially opened up. The loft like office space is an innovation in this field. Attorney and entrepreneur Schwärzler wants to create conscious contrasts. “We bring in a high quality of customer service into our legal advisory and through our unusual and modern ambience we want to create the necessary, creative premises”, is how Schwärzler describes the company philosophy.

The law firm already represents several clients from its location Zurich, including several dozen German clients that want to sue Swiss banks due to the retaining retrocession. Through the take-over of AFP the long term cooperation will be continued under one roof. Through this step the law office Schwärzler Attorneys will cover further areas with several experts. With this expansion the law firm specialized in compensation-, criminal and corporate law will be connected even more independently and better domestically as well as internationally. Zurich therefore serves as the perfect location.

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