Services offered by the Concordanz Trust Enterprise in Liechtenstein.

The Concordanz Trust Enterprise's field of activity particularly includes the following focal points.

Legal advice

Our team of experienced lawyers would be happy to answer any legal queries you may have and devise solutions for all aspects of law.Visit the website of Schwärzler Attorneys at Law for more information on legal advice.

Establishing and managing companies, foundations and trusts in Liechtenstein and other countries

We advise you and help you to choose the most suitable legal structure for your requirements and establish companies, foundations and trusts in Liechtenstein and other countries on your behalf.We are also happy to undertake the function of administrative board, foundation council, trustee or protector, as well as the representation for these companies, foundations or trusts.

A foundation refers to assets that are earmarked for a special purpose, which therefore acquire a separate legal personality.The assets are taken from the founder's personal assets.The founder lays his wishes regarding the extent to and the way in which the resources are to be used down in the deed of foundation and in the foundation statute.The organs of the foundation are specified in the deed of foundation.The foundation beneficiaries are usually nominated in the by-laws by either the founder or the foundation council, who also defines the scope and content of their respective entitlement.

Trusteeship is a contractual relationship, whereby a trustor gives movable or immovable property or a right (trust property) to the trustee with the obligation to administer and use such property for the benefit of the beneficiary in his own name in his capacity as an independent legal entity.The trust deed lays down the details of the contractual relationship.Like a foundation, a trust offers a suitable means of safeguarding assets and of settling the trustor's estate.The trustor may name himself as the beneficiary during his lifetime and may also govern the way in which his assets are to be used after his death.

Public limited company (Aktiengesellschaft AG)
The public limited company is the most internationally well-known legal form.This legal structure has its own legal personality.A public limited company is subject to somewhat stricter formal requirements.The general meeting of shareholders is the highest organ of a public limited company.The shareholders are entitled to the profits made by the public limited company and any liquidation proceeds.

Limited liability company (GmbH)
This is an incorporated firm with its own legal personality.The organs of a limited liability company are the shareholders' meeting as the highest one, which must convene at least once a year, the managing director and the controlling body (auditing body), which audits the annual financial statements and has to report to the shareholders' meeting.The shareholders' equity contributions constitute the nominal capital of the company.As the name implies, this type of company only assumes liability to a limited extent.The liability of each shareholder is limited to the value of the business assets invested in the company; shareholders do not assume liability for the company's debts.The shareholders' sole liability to the company takes the form of contributed equity.

Establishment (Anstalt)
Peculiar to Liechtenstein, the establishment or "Anstalt" is a corporate form under private law, which may be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.The law grants considerable freedom in the definition of the statutes and the organisational structure.The establishment is founded with its entry in the Public Register.The establishment also acquires a legal personality with its founding.Business is conducted by the administrative board.This is made up of one or several members who represent the company to the outside world individually or collectively.


Accepting mandates on administrative boards, foundation councils or as trustees or protectors in companies and representation for companies, foundations and trusts

We act as administrative board, foundation council, trustee or protector on behalf of yourself and our companies, foundations and trusts. We regard the detailed formulation of shared objectives and precise compliance with due diligence standards as both protection for our clients and a means of ensuring adherence to the most stringent quality standards.

Counselling on inheritance and succession issues in the context of estate structures

A ruling to avoid disputes that is adapted to individual needs and requirements is particularly important when it comes to inheritance and succession issues.We are therefore happy to give you advice to ensure a smooth transfer of your estate to your successors by means of foundations and trusts.

Liaison, support and handling of commercial business

The services that we offer are just as individual as every commercial transaction.We help you negotiate with contractual partners and in the preparation and/or review of the contracts.If you wish, we can also process the payment transactions, monitor cash flows and deal with payment demands and accounting on your behalf.

We would be happy to liaise with you and support you in all aspects of processing commercial business at national and international level.

Family office solutions

We have many years of experience in administering structures with sizeable private assets and would be pleased to offer advice and lend our support when it comes to safeguarding, monitoring, increasing and administering your assets.As every family has its own individual needs and requirements, our supreme objective is to develop a customised solution for the administration of your estate together with you.

Asset protection / estate structuring

We support you to join forces with banks in Liechtenstein and abroad, and with property administrators, to develop an asset protection concept that is tailored to your needs and takes your living situation (place of residence, family circumstances, investment horizon, nature of the assets etc.) and your individual risk appetite into account.


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