Elisabeth was industrious. Has 5 children. 8 grandchildren. And assets.

Elisabeth worked all of her life. Was hard on herself. But she loves her children and her grandchildren. Idolises them. Without any compromises. Elisabeth has always been like this.

Fair and just.

Elisabeth knows what work is.She has always pitched in, even as a very young child.At home, in the field, in the family business.Nobody can pull the wool over her eyes.But she has an open ear.For her staff.For her family.For her grandchildren.She is game for anything.And she is now facing the task of settling her succession.Fairly and justly.


For the long term and with the future in mind.

We make provisions on your behalf to ensure that your assets are conserved for the future, are distributed expediently and fairly, are protected for the future and generate income.After all, the wealth accumulated over many decades should not be frittered away and lost within just a few years.We add structure to your assets and, in doing so, safeguard them in the long term.So that the family is spared this delicate task.And Elisabeth can continue to be game for anything with her children and grandchildren for many years to come.

  • Advice on inheritance and succession issues
  • Establishing and managing companies, foundations and trusts in Liechtenstein and other countries
  • Family office solutions