Sebastian wants to be a deep-sea diver. Or treasure seeker. Or marine biologist.

What does the world cost? It stands open. Is huge, vast and beautiful. Dreams have no limits. Sailing the seas, in a submarine or on board a ship, diving to the floor of the ocean and back again with scientific curiosity. These are our children.

Making dreams come true

Long periods of education and training require courage and stamina, as well as money.Good schools and universities don't grow on trees.We establish the conditions needed to ensure that your children have the time and opportunity to enjoy the best education available.We take the pressure of having to worry about safeguarding and conserving the family assets off your shoulders.We secure the question of succession within your company.


Access denied

There are situations in which third parties want to gain access to your assets.Many of the things achieved by means of hard work are suddenly called into question.And Sebastian's dreams are put in jeopardy as well.We prevent this from happening by keeping a watchful eye on everything and acting in your interests and in his:transferring assets to your children and managing your estate, with customised measures to safeguard the future.With competence and passion.And, instead of thinking about such things, you can spend your time considering the right colour for your child's rocket.Or the fire engine with a co-driver's seat for you.Or the country that your child will fly you away to.

  • Asset protection / estate structuring
  • Family office solutions
  • Establishing and managing companies, foundations and trusts in Liechtenstein and other countries
  • Legal advice