A wonderful drop of Chianti. Pressed with his own hands. Wolfgang's dream.

Wolfgang is an entrepreneur: has achieved everything he set out to do. He now has time. His thoughts keep returning to the vineyard in Tuscany. Enjoying the pleasures of life and creating them with his own hands. That's what Wolfgang dreams about.

Visions come true

When Wolfgang drives through the Tuscan hills, he watches the winegrowers at work. Wolfgang loves wine. Wolfgang loves work. Wolfgang is a successful businessman. He takes his time. Wants to make his dream come true. Now, not in ten years' time.

We help him to do that. Help him to make his vision materialise. Give him secure backing that he can rely on. Are on hand with help and advice when he finds himself in unknown territory. The role that we play in doing so is something that he decides alone.


His trust, our role

We help him to find a suitable plot of land. We deal with the purchase formalities on his behalf. He can confidently leave purchase and leasing agreements and funding negotiations in our capable hands, along with everything that a future winegrower needs. We have our contacts and use our networks.

After all, he can also turn to us with confidence when it comes to tasting his first vintage.

  • Legal advice in the preparation of contracts and agreements
  • Assistance in issues relating to tax law and financing matters
  • Liaison, support and handling of commercial business
  • Establishing and managing companies, foundations and trusts in Liechtenstein and other countries